Suzanne Ruta
June 17, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Called Out A.G. Mojtabai (Doubleday, $22) If the movie Field of Dreams was too sentimental for your tastes, try Called Out, a chilling little novel about a field of nightmares. The field — ”furrowed, pre-watered, ready for seeding” — belongs to a farm widow living in the West Texas plains. When a commercial jetliner crashes there, her acres become a place of pilgrimage for the families of passengers incinerated in the wreck. How a small town copes with sudden horror is spelled out in quiet, painstaking detail, with little jabs of dry humor. In her last book, Blessed Assurance (which was nonfiction), A.G. Mojtabai talked to the folks at the nuclear warhead factory in Amarillo, Tex. Here she is still thinking about the unthinkable in fresh, surprising ways. The tired and aging country priest, challenged to bring solace to Muslims, cynics, and atheists from around the globe, is a creation worthy of Graham Greene. A-

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