Sound Bites: The Week's Best TV Quotes |


Sound Bites: The Week's Best TV Quotes

TV's funniest lines from June 10 to June 16

”After 45 years in the makeup business, you learn a few secrets… Always wear hair, always wear teeth.”
— Doris, an elderly makeup lady, on The Critic

— John Grisham, defending his sleazy-attorney characters to Katie Couric, on Now

''Doing a nude photo is like getting a tattoo... It can come back to haunt you unless you take your time and do it right.''
— Supermodel and Playboy pinup Stephanie Seymour, on MTV's House of Style

”If pretty were the only thing that mattered, then they would only count swishes.”
— Ex-New York Knick Sen. Bill Bradley (D-N.J.), defending his former team’s ”ugly” playing style to NBC’s Bob Costas