EW Staff
June 24, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Eddie Murphy: Star of Beverly Hills Cop III
* COOL: Staying at home. I don’t party anymore.
* COLD: Moody, depressed, party-animal superstar actors.

Claudia Schiffer: Supermodel
* COOL: A weekend in Paris.
* COLD: Men in striped boxer shorts.

David Copperfield: Illusionist
* COOL: Love at 35,000 feet.
* COLD: Bad card tricks.

Jon Secada: Singer, Heart, Soul & a Voice
* COOL: Tony Bennett. He’s a real person. I’ve seen him in public when one of his fans tapped him on the shoulder to speak to him, and he was completely respectful.
* COLD: The beach on a rainy day.

Joi: R&B singer, The Pendulum Vibe
* COOL: A dope tan. A fly haircut. A steady lover.
* COLD: Being broke.

Lisa Hartman Black: Actress
* COOL: My husband (country singer Clint Black).
* COLD: Dirty people. Every now and then you run into one of them and I just think it’s so uncool.

Elizabeth Perkins: Star of The Flintstones
* COOL: Condoms.
* COLD: Littering.

Kim Coles: Star of Living Single
* COOL: I went hiking in Utah, and just being up on a mountain looking at all of God’s country and getting red sand in my hiking boots.
* COLD: There are no black people in Mormon country.

Jenny Jones: Host of The Jenny Jones Show
* COOL: Cruising the Greek islands.
* COLD: Cruising singles bars.

Brendan Fraser: Star of With Honors
* COOL: Sting. He was the coolest when I was in high school and he still has the title.
* COLD: Those “Hey, dude, let’s party” scripts. Hollywood should just burn ’em.

Daphne Zuniga: Star of Melrose Place
* COOL: Bill and Hillary.
* COLD: Selfishness.

Gail O’Grady: Miss Abandando on NYPD Blue
* COOL: Kindness.
* COLD: Bumper stickers and nose rings.

Bernardo Bertolucci: Director of Little Buddha
* COOL: Beavis and Butt-head. I only recently saw it for the first time.
* COLD: The recent elections in Italy where so many young people voted for the right.

Stevie Nicks: Singer, Street Angel
* COOL: The resurgence of classic bands. I’ve already got my tickets for the Eagles and Traffic.
* COLD: Not being educated about AIDS.

Caleb Carr: Author of The Alienist
* COOL: The American Impressionism and Realism exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, D Day, and Beverly Hills, 90210.
* COLD: The Clinton administration’s foreign policy team and Melrose Place.

Ulf Ekberg: Keyboardist for Ace of Base
* COOL: Our birthplace, Goteborg. It’s the Swedish answer to Liverpool.
* COLD: The Mob. They have so much power in Russia, and they’re taking over Stockholm. The Russian Mob [seems to have] its headquarters in Stockholm as well as in Moscow.

Roseanne Arnold Star of Roseanne
* COOL: Rock-A-Doodle — I loved it so much that I bought the soundtrack and work out to it every morning after Regis & Kathie Lee.
* COLD: A few months ago, Tom [Arnold] and I were contacted by what we feel were extraterrestrial beings.

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