Margot Mifflin
June 24, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Rock Talk: The Great Rock and Roll Quote Book, a collection of rock bons mots, ranges from the lofty (”sex and music are…places where you glimpse God,” says Bono) to the mundane (R.E.M.’s Peter Buck: ”The last 10 years…has been a room, a car, a car, a room, a room, a stage and a car”). Edited by Joe Kohut and John J. Kohut, it features wonderfully erroneous predictions, such as Mick Jagger’s 1972 vow to quit music at 33, and quirky trivia: Todd Rundgren says he dreams many of his songs, and Grace Slick explains, ”Feed your head doesn’t mean take every f—ing drug that comes along. Feed your head means read.” Good, yes; great, no: Some of these quotes are boringly obvious (do we need Johnny Thunders to tell us rock & roll is an attitude?). But with less blather from Keith Moon and Richards and more vinegar from the ever-quotable Lester Bangs, the second edition could be great. B

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