George Mannes
July 15, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It’s one of those movie-villain gag lines that audiences eat up: When Dennis Hopper’s mad-bomber character in Speed blows away a woman as he watches her on live TV, he comments dryly, ”Interactive TV, Jack. Wave of the future.”

Now Hopper is going high-tech for real. He’s set to perform in Hell, a CD-ROM game due this fall from developer Take 2 Interactive Software via distributor GameTek. For this adventure, set in Washington, D.C., in 2095, Hopper portrays a demon named Mr. Beautiful who is central to its politico-religio-techno intrigue. Players hear Hopper’s recorded voice and see a digitized image of his face atop a computer-generated body. Hopper’s costars include model Stephanie Seymour, singer Grace Jones, and actor Geoffrey Holder.

For Hopper and Seymour, there’s a personal dimension here as well. Seymour is romantically linked to Peter Brant, owner of Interview magazine and the father of Take 2 CEO Ryan Brant, and Hopper has been friendly with the Brants since the 1960s.

Though he’s not a CD-ROM user himself, Hopper says his interest in the genre is piqued, despite his unhappy experience in Super Mario Bros., the video game-turned-movie he remembers as ”sort of a nightmare.”

”I’m going into this blind,” he says, ”and with a lot of faith. And a lot of trust.”

Speaking of faith, how does Hell, with its demons walking the earth, accord with Hopper’s view of the future? ”I try not to think about what the world might be in a hundred years,” he laughs. ”I just hope it’s still here.”

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