Judy Brennan
July 22, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Die Hard battery continues: In the tradition of Speed (Die Hard on a bus), Passenger 57 (Die Hard on a plane), and Under Siege (Die Hard on a ship), comes Under Siege 2, or Die Hard on a train. In this installment, funny things happen to former Navy SEAL Steven Seagal on the way to a Tailhook convention in Las Vegas, including the hijacking of his locomotive by an ex-military intelligence officer out to sell Star Wars secrets to the highest bidder. Contrary to reports, Jeff Goldblum has not been cast to play the heavy, but Katherine Heigl (My Father the Hero) will be along for the ride as Seagal’s niece. How will it differ from other Hard works? Says executive producer Gary Goldstein: ”I can promise amazingly sophisticated footage and special effects that you’ve never seen.” Filming starts in the Rocky Mountains this August.

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