Benjamin Svetkey
July 22, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”If people want to watch real-life drama, they can watch ‘Cops.”’
-Charles Pratt, executive producer, Models Inc.

They pose like models, pout like models, and act about as well as models — but how real are the models of Models Inc.? We stopped by the offices of Next Management modeling agency in Manhattan and screened the show’s premiere for three bona fide working glamour-pusses: Aja Evans, 15, Charlene Fournier, 19, and Marilyn Piotrowski, 20. Here are their comments as they watched the tape unspool.

Fournier: Oh my God, that whole building is for the modeling agency? Yeah, right.
Piotrowski: The acting is soooo bad.
Evans: The photographer [Cameron Daddo] is cute. We wish real photographers looked that good.
Piotrowski: That girl is way too big to be a model. She’s a big girl.
Evans: She’s really heavy.
Fournier: Look at that model house! You’ve got to be kidding me. We get a one-bedroom with, like, 10 beds crammed into it. And no Jacuzzi.
Piotrowski: They’re always at home. They’re never working or at the agency.
Fournier: I’ve actually heard of using hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes. That’s realistic. I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard about it.
Evans: They make it seem so much more glamorous than it really is. It’s like a Hollywood version of what modeling is about.
Fournier: Oh, c’mon. What photographer’s studio has a bed right in the middle?
Piotrowski: And what about a makeup artist? He just starts snapping pictures.
Fournier: I like Linda Gray’s son [Brian Gaskill]. He’s really cute. He looks like Brad Pitt.
Piotrowski: He’s opening the car door for her! How cute!
Fournier: I’m gonna cry!
Piotrowski: But the clothing they model is awful. It’s like out of Kmart.
Evans: It’s what America wants to see. It’s glamorous models going to parties and stuff. It’s really hard to pull your eyes from it, you know?
Piotrowski: Yeah, it’s just like 90210 and Melrose. It’s trash, but it’s addictive. It’s hard not to watch. It’ll probably be a big hit.
Evans: I’ll watch it again, even though I know it’s not realistic.
Fournier: Me too. I’ll be watching.
Piotrowski: Me too.

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