Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
August 05, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Does 007 actually stand for Sean Connery’s handicap? It seems that the former secret agent is as much in demand these days for his golfing skills as he is for his acting talents. In the upcoming comedy A Good Man in Africa, Connery plays a doctor with a perfect golf stroke, not that much of a stretch for the Scottish actor. ”He was so good, we didn’t have to do any editing,” says Good Man producer Mark Tarlov. ”It was the one reason we cast him.” Connery’s links prowess has also caught Clint Eastwood’s attention. Eastwood has mentioned the actor for Golf in the Kingdom, a story about a man who stops in Scotland to play some golf and finds enlightenment. Is he worried about typecasting? Connery could not be reached for comment. Maybe he was on the green.

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