The Kettles come to laserdisc |


The Kettles come to laserdisc

The Kettles come to laserdisc. Reviews of the new double-feature edition of ''The Egg and I'' and ''Ma and Pa Kettle''

The Kettles come to laserdisc

Before TV’s Green Acres there was The Egg and I, a comedy about two urbanites who relocate to a chicken farm and encounter local eccentrics. Seen today, its hicks verge on offensive caricature. But in the ’40s, the two major supporting characters, the frighteningly fertile (15 children) Ma and Pa Kettle, were deemed hilarious enough to rate nine sequels, the first of which, Ma and Pa Kettle, makes its video debut in this double-feature package with an excellent transfer. Granted, neither film will ever be mistaken for Feydaux farce, but Egg, at least, is worth seeing for the forgotten Louise Allbritton’s cool and sexy turn as a scheming seductress. B-

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