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Fall Movie Preview: Also in December

'Queen Margot,' 'Highlander III' and more...

In an opulent French epic based on the Alexandre Dumas novel, Isabelle Adjani assumes the throne as the Catholic Queen Margot and tries to avert religious warfare by marrying a Protestant in 16th-century France. A young mother fights to reunite with her children after fleeing an abusive relationship in the British import Ladybird, Ladybird. Gerard Depardieu reclaims his past as Colonel Chabert, a soldier returning to France after the Napoleonic wars. Christopher Lambert and Mario Van Peebles fight a futuristic rematch in Highlander III: The Sorcerer. Tom & Viv portrays the disastrous marriage of T.S. Eliot (Willem Dafoe) and Vivienne Haigh-Wood (Miranda Richardson, left). After one hit album and a recent follow-up, professional phone pranksters Kamal and Johnny B. unmask themselves in the feature-length caper The Jerky Boys.