Strike Up The Bond |


Strike Up The Bond

*Plotting: Wesley Snipes-secret agent man? Snipes is set to play a James Bond- like agent in Black Ice, which he will also coproduce. And if Ice bonds with audiences, the filmmakers hope to turn it into a franchise. * Planning: Robin Williams in drag again? Maybe. La Cage aux Folles, the 1978 French cult hit about a flamboyantly gay couple who try to play straight when a son visits, may be remade with Williams as one of the leads. *Shooting: Shelley Long inherits Florence Henderson’s apron as Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch, now filming in L.A. Gary Cole plays Mike, and most of the kids from the fave TV show will appear in cameos. The plot? The clan faces hardship in the cruel ’90s when Mike loses his job. Expect tears, laughter, and lots of familiar songs. Brady is billed for ‘95.