Genre: Drama, Comedy, Erotic; Starring: Hugh Grant, Elle Macpherson, Sam Neill; Director: John Duigan; MPAA Rating: R

A benignly chowderheaded throwback to the days when a foreign movie meant that you’d get to see people with their clothes off. Sigh-guy Grant plays a young cleric in 1930 who takes his tightly wound wife (Tara Fitzgerald) to the country estate of a scandalously bohemian painter (Sam Neill), where freethinkin’ ideas and three gorgeous models (MacPherson among them) cause Grant’s starched collar to wilt. Under the direction of John Duigan (The Wide Sargasso Sea), it’s lovely to look at, but about as daring and erotic as a yellowing Playboy from 1962. C+

Originally posted October 14 1994 — 12:00 AM EDT

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