EW Staff
October 21, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Raising children was so tedious when we had to do it ourselves. But thanks to the magic of video (see Storytime review), a new world of vicarious childrearing could be just around the corner.

Virtual Nanny: Ready For Sleep For those times when you are just too tired to interact, this tape handles the bedtime ritual for you. Gentle instructions lead a tot through every chore, from final potty visit to tuck-in, and deny manipulative pleas for water and kisses. In the CD-ROM version, Rebecca De Mornay rocks the cradle and nurses your child to sleep.

Mealtime With Martha After the first few spoonfuls, feeding baby quickly loses its charm, but with Martha Stewart’s instructional self-feeding video, you’ll never open another jar of strained lamb. Besides prune puree, you get the four fundamentals: defrost, reheat, pesto, and salsa.

Getting Dressed With Mrs. Doubtfire Let’s face it, teaching children how to put on their own clothes has always been a loathsome chore. No longer: On this tape, Robin Williams, the master of the fast change, tutors boys and girls on dressing themselves without compromising on fashion.

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