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Power 101

No one man should have all that power

Absolute power, it’s often been said, corrupts absolutely. It also gets the best tables at Mortons, signs eight-figure, five-picture deals with Paramount, and never returns your phone calls.

It’s further been noted that power is fleeting — and this year in Hollywood that cliché is ringing more true than ever. There have been shocking entertainment-industry shake-ups (Katzenberg’s katzenjammer at Disney, Guber’s split with Sony Pictures, Grushow’s ouster at Fox, Morgado’s reshuffling at Warner’s various labels — not to mention Katzenberg’s foundation — shattering rebound with Spielberg and Geffen), dizzying tumbles from atop the pop-culture pedestal (Michael Jackson, Lorne Michaels), and meteoric ascensions (Hugh Grant, Ricki Lake).

To try to help you keep track of who’s on top of the Hollywood power struggle, Entertainment Weekly proudly presents our fifth annual Power Issue. In it you’ll find everything from a ranking of the 101 most influential forces in show biz to a scorecard of Power Couples, the top 10 spiritual gurus, and the lifestyles of Power Tots. In short, these 32 pages contain enough star wattage to keep Hollywood glowing for at least another year — by which time we’ll be back with next year’s cast of characters for Power Issue No. 6. Absolutely.