The Secret History Behind the Spielberg-Katzenberg-Geffen Trifecta |


The Secret History Behind the Spielberg-Katzenberg-Geffen Trifecta

Every big Hollywood production has its supporting cast, and the Spielberg-Katzenberg-Geffen extravaganza is no exception. Kudos have already gone out to the lead players, but our nominations for best character actors in this buddy picture go to:

Disney chief Michael Eisner may have inadvertently set the megadeal in motion when he pulled the magic carpet out from under Katzenberg’s wish to succeed president Frank Wells, who died in a helicopter crash April 3. Hell hath no fury like a Jeffrey scorned.

Actress Kate Capshaw could join the ranks of Hollywood’s big power players after this — Spielberg says he gave his wife veto power over the deal. She gave her blessing only after Katzenberg promised her hubby would still have time for her and the kids.

Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis has been more ubiquitous in this saga than Gump was in history. While vacationing at Zemeckis’ home in Jamaica, Spielberg phoned Katzenberg to commiserate about his leaving Disney, which got the ball rolling.

At a White House state dinner in September, Russian leader Boris Yeltsin and U.S. President Bill Clinton talked world peace while the tuxedo-clad Katz- enberg, Spielberg, and Geffen plotted Hollywood domination. Does this mean that Boris and Bill get points?