Attaining Nirvana |


Attaining Nirvana

What's on the music charts this week

Lest anyone doubt the magnetic pull Nirvana’s music still exerts, the groundbreaking Seattle trio’s latest, MTV Unplugged in New York, debuts at No. 1 on the pop chart seven months after lead singer Kurt Cobain’s suicide. The 14-song acoustic album was preceded by little fanfare other than a Buzz Bin clip for ”About a Girl.” But as one of Cobain’s last and most revealing documents, Unplugged hardly needed any added push. Look for the chart-topping Nirvana to outlast this week’s second-highest-ranking new entry — cult metalheads Megadeth (No. 4) — but not necessarily classic rockers Aerosmith (No. 6) and Tom Petty (No. 8), who should remain holiday staples.