The Paperboy

Genre: Horror; Starring: Marc Marut, William Katt, Alexandra Paul; Director: Douglas Jackson; Author: David E. Peckinpah; MPAA Rating: R

It doesn’t give away anything to reveal that the title character of The Paperboy (1994, Republic, R, priced for rental) is completely nuts, since this incredibly fun horror film begins with 12-year-old Johnny (Marc Marut) knocking off a local granny. And things just get better from there as this homicidal Ferris Bueller starts oozing his way into the hearts of the family that moves in next door — that is, between the wild shrieking fits that keep this persnickety psycho from becoming the Martin Short character he resembles. Young Marut shows remarkable range, and by the time Johnny uses his birthday putter to whack Dad to death, storing the corpse in a freezer next to the — rim shot, please — Popsicles, any rational viewer will realize this is the best movie about an evil kid since The Omen. A

Originally posted November 18 1994 — 12:00 AM EST

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