Double Snaps

Genre: Comic Novels; Author: James Percalay, Monteria Ivey, Stephan Dweck

Double Snaps is the sequel to Snaps. Don’t know what snaps are? Then you must be so dumb that you think ”the Last Supper is when your family runs out of food stamps.” Or maybe ”your father is so dumb, he stole a car and kept ”You’re so po’, you can’t afford the o and r.” Maybe you never heard of snaps because ”you’re so white, you think Malcolm X’s name is Malcolm the Tenth” — more proof that you’re so dumb ”you think soul food is dinner for one,” and ”Ex-Lax is a Muslim.” Fighting words? No. Snaps are a way the oppressed survive by wit instead of violence, according to the well-researched introduction by Geneva Smitherman, Michigan State University’s director of the African American Language and Literacy Program. Nonetheless, be careful with these insults. Some are way too rude for a family publication — unless, of course, your mother’s so nasty that well…there are nearly 500 choices. B

Originally posted February 3 1995 — 12:00 AM EST

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