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What Sandra Bullock is reading

The star of ''Speed'' and ''While You Were Sleeping'' is currently enjoying ''Geek Love''

What Sandra Bullock is reading

”I love to read. When I start a book, I become obsessed with it — I’m up at 5 a.m. finishing it. There are four books I’ve started that are unfinished, and I have to go back home because I feel like I have all of these relationships that are unresolved; there are all of these books that are unfinished. I want to close the relationship and put it back on the shelf. Sometimes everything in my life is about the book I’m reading. Geek Love [by Katherine Dunn] is the most intense book. Everyone in my life is a character in the book. I don’t go to bookstores. All my friends give me books.”

Sandra Bullock, costar of the 1994 action film Speed, is currently starring in Hollywood Pictures’ romantic comedy While You Were Sleeping.

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