National Geographic Explorer: Shark Encounters

Genre: Documentary; MPAA Rating: Unrated

Sharkophile or not, you have to like a documentary that pairs the requisite chomping-and-mauling footage with the strains of ”Mack the Knife.” That sense of playful discovery permeates National Geographic Explorer: Shark Encounters (one-third of a new set of National Geographic tapes on this topic), which profiles about a dozen species, debunking various myths along the way (e.g., sharks don’t die if they cease to swim). Plus we get to see underwater photographer Mike deGruy performing a frightening feat of derring-don’t: He re-creates — in a cage — the shark attack that maimed his right forearm. Possible nightmares notwithstanding, Shark Encounters is so full of wondrous undersea shots that you welcome the chance to be schooled about these fish. A

Originally posted May 26 1995 — 12:00 AM EDT

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