Starring: Bridget Fonda, Jessica Tandy; MPAA Rating: PG-13

In this art film (which received a tiny theatrical release), Jessica Tandy gives a beautiful performance as the title character, an eccentric violinist who helps aspiring composer Freda (Bridget Fonda) cope with a failing marriage. Unfortunately, Camilla is disjointed: It begins in idyllic Peabo Island, Ga., where Camilla lives with her son Harold (Maury Chaykin), who inexplicably speaks with a Brooklyn accent and makes soft-core porn films; then it becomes a madcap road movie, as Freda and Camilla decamp for Toronto like a cross-generational Thelma and Louise. Ultimately, what holds the movie together is Tandy’s inimitable combination of fragility and strength. B+

Originally posted June 16 1995 — 12:00 AM EDT

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