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When you want to dump that special someone

When you want to dump that special someone -- Try ''True Love,'' ''The Diceman Cometh,'' and ''Bad Lieutenant''

When you want to dump that special someone

1 The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988, Orion, R)
A.k.a. The Infidelity Flick. Based on the Milan Kundera novel, Lightness traces the exploits of Tomas (Daniel Day-Lewis), the poster boy for wandering eyes and all-around caddishness. The leash will have an unbearable tightness after this one, giving you the perfect excuse to cut free.

2 True Love (1989, MGM/UA, R)
Having those last-minute nuptial butterflies? Wanna say I don’t? Rent Nancy Savoca’s slice-of-death-do-us-part comedy about a mismatched Italian-American pair (Annabella Sciorra and Ron Eldard) on the eve of their vows.

3 Bitter Moon (1994, New Line, R)
Two, two, two dysfunctional relationships in one! Kinkmeister Roman Polanski paints an unseemly picture of passion gone haywire with two couples whose libidos intersect on an ocean liner. One’s a repressed British couple forced to face their dark side, the other a sadistic pair who push the Brits over the brink.

4 The Diceman Cometh (1989, LIVE, unrated)
Andrew Dice Clay packs so many obscenity-laden riffs into his misogynistic stand-up routine that he makes Howard Stern look like a milk drinker. It puts the kiss of death on the average relationship: If the guy laughs, the girl thinks ”sexist pig.” If the girl laughs, the guy thinks ”muscle-bound goon brothers.” Either way, it’s over.

5 Bad Lieutenant (1992, LIVE, NC-17)
Director Abel Ferrara’s descent into the depravity of a cop gone bad (Harvey Keitel) is the art-house antidote to all things romantic. See Harvey defile a church. See Harvey abuse women. See Harvey — all of Harvey.

By Jason Cochran, Steve Daly, Glenn Kenny, Lois Alter Mark, Chris Nashawaty, Tim Purtell, Michael Sauter, and J.R. Taylor