Father and Scout

Genre: Comedy, Kids and Family; Lead Performer: Bob Saget, Stuart Pankin; Broadcaster: ABC; Runtime (in minutes): 92; MPAA Rating: PG

Bob Saget stars as an urbane quiche eater who tries to bond with his son (Brian Bonsall) on a group camping weekend in Father and Scout (shown last fall on ABC). The blows to his non-machismo have a familiar feel: Out of his indoor element, this wuss sinks a canoe, steps on a jellyfish, and faints inside a cave. Still, Saget gives the outing a fairly fresh spin, with a stream of wisecracks that only occasionally sound like stand-up shtick. Not even some platitudes about the true meaning of manhood (or is it fatherhood?) can completely spoil the fun of this camping trip. B-

Originally posted August 25 1995 — 12:00 AM EDT

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