Ty Burr
November 24, 1995 AT 05:00 AM EST

Beatles on the internet

You say you want a revolution? With its graphics capabilities and do-it-yourself ethic, the World Wide Web is fast replacing Dad’s office copy machine as the ardent music fan’s way to express his or her passion. Nowhere is this more apparent than in websites devoted to all things relating to John, Paul, George, and Ringo. There are 50-plus Beatles sites current, and with the interest surrounding ABC’s The Beatles Anthology, there are bound to be more. For now, here are the gear places to go.

The Internet Beatles Album
What’s fab: Extensive cross-referenced discography of Beatles releases; sound files; screensavers; huge reference section of articles, including hilarious essay titled ”All the Beatles Are Dead EXCEPT Paul”; link to Rutles website.
Coolest rarity: A sound clip from a Brian Epstein interview.
Grotty bit: Article called ”Did John and Brian Make It?” A

The ”Official” rec.music.beatles Home Page
What’s fab: Serious musicological dissections of 105 Beatles songs; Simpsons video clip of Lisa visiting Pepperland; list of commonly misunderstood Beatles phrases and lyrics (seems the boys did sing ”tit-tit-tit” in the background of ”Girl”).
Coolest rarity: Detailed instructions on how to peel a Yesterday and Today cover to see if the ”Butcher Baby” cover is underneath.
Grotty bit: Article claiming that Mark David Chapman was brainwashed by the CIA to liquidate John Lennon. B+

Backwards Beatles
What’s fab: Simple, sweet, and a little sick, this features backward clips from ”Revolution 9,” ”I’m So Tired,” and other songs, so you won’t have to destroy your turntable motor trying to hear ”Turn me on, dead man.” A

John Lennon Web Page
What’s fab: Slick design; biographical chronology; plenty of photos; five movie clips (including a very scary one of John morphing into Yoko); audio interviews; Lennon artwork.
Coolest rarity: Bits of muy obscure demos (”Leave My Kitten Alone”).
Grotty bit: Interview with ex-Lennon gal pal May Pang. A+

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