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''Loving'' undergoes a big-budget transformation

''Loving'' undergoes a big-budget transformation -- ABC's ''The City'' is much improved over the program which spawned it

Miraculously, ABC has revamped its loathsome Loving into the stylish, amusing The City (i.e., New York). The production budget is obvious: Morgan Fairchild’s character, media mogul Sydney Chase, arrived via helicopter, wearing a $3,000 Versace number. Sydney’s fabulously tough, but hustling a homeless man for $2 in a chess game is a bit much. And enough with the shaky, hand-held camera shots. It’s not NYPD Blue, it’s a soap! How about some sex? Still, the acting and writing have already improved. The City has more energy — and welcome ethnic diversity — than Loving did in its 12 years. Loving refugees Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams (doctor Angie Hubbard and club manager Jacob Foster), who always deserved better, actually look happy to be working. And I’m actually happy to be watching.