EW Staff
December 22, 1995 AT 05:00 AM EST

Nixon: An Oliver Stone Film Edited by Eric Hamburg (Hyperion, $14.95) There’s a fitting compatibility at work in the idea of Oliver Stone chronicling Richard Nixon, one American chameleon studying another, a revisionist historian putting a frame on the life of a man who fought bitterly to control history’s perception of him. This book contains more than just a shooting script of the film. There are also essays about the 37th President by Nixon-era principals John Dean and E. Howard Hunt, various Watergate documents, even transcripts of real Oval Office conversations (some never before released to the public), which are a study in the genesis of a grand deception. The screenplay (rife with footnotes and a bibliography) is vintage Stone: the wide canvas, the merging of reality and speculation, the flights of imagistic fancy, the big cast of characters—a provocative assessment of an American politician steeped in Shakespearean tragedy, doomed less by those around him than by the fear that consumed him from the inside. AMichael E. Ross

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