EW Staff
December 22, 1995 AT 05:00 AM EST

Rebel Assault II (LucasArts, CD-ROM for PC and Mac, $49.95) With Dark Forces and the first Rebel Assault still blasting off the shelves (not to mention the remastered Star Wars movie trilogy on video), LucasArts risks intergalactic oversaturation in Christmas stockings. But this sequel goes galaxies beyond the original by smoothing out sometimes herky-jerky movements and vastly improving the graphics, which are crisp and detailed even when full screen. Though there?s little that?s new — it?s spaceship battles and laser combat in those now famous Imperial corridors — Rebel Assault II nicely mixes action sequences with animated story clips. Of course, in the end Darth Vader escapes, so the Alliance won?t be safe until at least Christmas ?96… A-Ken Neville

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