Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi and Fantasy; Starring: Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Bridges, David Warner, Cindy Morgan, David Warner; Director: Steven Lisberger; Author: Steven Lisberger, Bonnie Macbird; Runtime (in minutes): 96; MPAA Rating: PG; Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures

This new edition of Tron, Disney’s widely celebrated (though hardly beloved) movie about life inside a videogame is about as deluxe as laserdiscs get — a freezable widescreen transfer featuring commentary by the creative team, plus an extra disc’s worth of deleted scenes, extra soundtrack music, and theatrical trailers. Unfortunately, the movie itself is still a badly scripted mess whose truly groundbreaking computer animation looks pretty cheesy on a TV set. In short: It’s the definition of period piece. B

Originally posted December 22 1995 — 12:00 AM EST

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