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1995 The Entertainers/The Rookies

7 Sama Hakek 'Desperado' Traffic Stopper

Remember the rubbernecking appearance Jayne Mansfield made in 1956’s The Girl Can’t Help It? Well, Salma Hayek one-upped her, 39 years later, in Desperado. Already a soap star in her native Mexico, Hayek, 25, sashayed into the American eye this year, leaving in her wake an on-screen fender-bender caused by two gawking admirers. Ever since Hayek pulled off the impossible — namely, outsmoldering costar Antonio Banderas — her Filofax has been filled. Next, she reteams with Desperado director Robert Rodriguez in the vampire flick From Dusk Till Dawn (due in February). ”Robert wants me to only be in his films,” she laughs, ”but I have to eat.” Then comes the doomstruck romance Breaking Up. While the weeper may not have Desperado’s explosions and bullets, Hayek will still be packing heat. She just can’t help it.