Jessica Shaw
December 29, 1995 AT 05:00 AM EST

Once a dream team, always a dream team, and in 1995 we couldn’t help rejoicing for those couples who were even fleetingly reunited and for those others who, albeit apart, seem to be racing along parallel tracks. — JS

Batman & Robin

Forever Linked By: The forces of cartoon evil.

Last Seen: Overseas. Dark knight Val Kilmer and sidekick Chris O’Donnell have racked up $333 million worldwide in Batman Forever.

Pulling Them Apart: Who’s studlier? Kilmer’s a hip third fiddle in Heat, while O’Donnell is cruising to the top in John Grisham’s The Chamber.

Flinging Them Together: The fourth Batman will likely begin filming next year.

Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson

Forever Linked By: They didn’t just get married, they did Shakespeare together.

Last Seen: Em has been linked with Greg Wise, Sense and Sensibility‘s heartthrob; Ken with his Frankenstein costar Helena Bonham Carter.

Pulling Them Apart: Ken: ”She is a remarkable girl and says what she thinks.” Em: ”I’ve never [heard rumors that he is gay]. That’s marvelous!”

Flinging Them Together: Classics illustrated. She condenses Jane Austen’s Sense, he interprets the Bard. Oscar nights will be a delicate matter.

Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd

Forever Linked By: Starring on Moonlighting as neurotics David and Maddie.

Last Seen: Mutating, as usual. He’s that funny/serious offbeat bluesman/actor qua action hero. She’s that model/actress/chanteuse with a CBS series.

Pulling Them Apart: Different agendas. ”Bruce is on the top of my list for stars I’d like to see in cameos on Cybill,” she says.

Flinging Them Together: Moonlighting, the movie?

Carly Simon & James Taylor

Forever Linked By: A ten-year marriage and two kids.

Last Seen: At an Aug. 30 reunion concert on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Pulling Them Apart: He rarely leaves the Vineyard.

Flinging Them Together: Simon dedicated ”Nobody Does It Better” to her ex. Taylor said enough by splitting from his wife, Kathryn Walker, shortly before the concert.

Sean Penn & Madonna

Forever Linked By: Their aggressive chemistry, matrimony, and Shanghai Surprise.

Last Seen: Dec. 3 at the VH1 Fashion & Music Awards, where — surprise! you’ve been shanghaied! — he presented her with a trophy.

Pulling Them Apart: The singer/mogul was said to be furious; the actor/director was said to be amused.

Flinging Them Together: With Oscar buzz for his role in Dead Man Walking, Penn is back. With her collection Something to Remember, Madonna is back. And she wants a baby.

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