EW Staff
December 29, 1995 AT 05:00 AM EST

One thing about Kurt Cobain’s talented widow, she doesn’t discriminate. She’ll act out with anybody, anywhere, anytime…except maybe on a prime-time special.

Love is arrested Jan. 21, charged with ”offensive behavior” for cursing a Qantas attendant who asked her to buckle up before landing in Melbourne. Pleading guilty, she posts bond.

Helped into Manhattan’s Strand Book Store after she tumbled on an icy sidewalk last February, Love mutters about having escaped ”a date from hell,” then ties up the phone for nearly 20 minutes. When the manager asks her to get off the line, she shoves him, screams obscenities, and storms out.

March-hare Love leaps from an Orlando stage to slug two teens. A judge dismisses their charges, ruling that the pair weren’t exposed to any more violence than could be expected at an alternative-rock show.

Attending Ralph Fiennes’ Hamlet on Broadway last June, Love has the audience wishing she’d been bard from the theater. Throughout she is heard squealing ”This is my favorite line!”

At Lollapalooza’s George, Wash., July 4 kickoff, Love belts Bikini Kill singer Kathleen Hanna—in reaction, she claims, to Hanna’s whispered remark about her heroin use while pregnant. Love receives a suspended one-year sentence.

Love put on a suit Dec. 8 to be interviewed by Barbara Walters for ABC’s 10 Most Fascinating People of 1995. She tells Walters ”you wouldn’t be talking to me if [Hole] sucked” and tearfully wishes she’d done differently ”eight thousand million things” to prevent Cobain’s death.

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