Bob Strauss
January 26, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Unlike most tabloids or TV shows, charities aren’t supposed to pander to the lowest common denominator; people give to them because they want to feel ennobled. Unfortunately, that lesson has been lost on Rainforest International. The ecological organization, which also issued a Supermodels videotape, apparently believes that picturing cover girls (such as Tyra Banks and Brenda Schad) in the Costa Rican jungle strutting to the likes of Soul II Soul and Duran Duran is a good way to get the lumpen to contribute to its worthy cause. The approach may work, but after I got my fill of Supermodels in the Rainforest‘s limited interactivity (about all you can do is choose which model to focus on), all I could think of was how many exotic bugs must’ve been squished by the camera equipment. D

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