Michael Sauter
February 02, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

These two Disney kid pix make a well-matched double bill: Both are watered-down versions of once-winning formulas, with recycled charms best suited to snowbound preteens. In A Kid in King Arthur’s Court a dorky adolescent (Nicholas) falls down a magic hole and lands in olde Camelot, where he teaches the monarch and his daughters about bubble gum, Rollerblades, and rock & roll. In The Big Green a misfit junior soccer squad trips, stumbles, and finally triumphs, in the predictable tradition of ragtag teams from the Bad News Bears to the Mighty Ducks. While A Kid in King Arthur’s Court is a slickly produced gloss on a grown-up theme, The Big Green is a very shaggy underdog variation, meandering through the motions of better movies. Both: C-

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