Alexandra Jacobs
February 23, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Enter Whining

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Fran Drescher
Television, Memoir, Nonfiction

We gave it a B-

Fran Drescher avows total faith to her high school sweetheart and husband, Nanny writer-producer Peter Jacobson, so the gushy account of their rise in showbiz Enter Whining doesn’t pack much dirt. Then again, if anyone can throw her heart into telling all, it’s going to be Drescher, who turns out (quelle surprise) to be very much like her sassy small-screen persona: a Chatty Cathy from a boisterous, eccentric Jewish family, endearingly unassimilated into — and unfazed by — Hollywood. Except for one chapter (not seen by EW) that details her horrifying rape in the ’80s, the book sticks to giddy, can-you-believe-it prose. A few choice tidbits: Warren Beatty’s creative come-ons (he purportedly proposes what Drescher dubs a ”menage a troiserino” with his then girlfriend Isabelle Adjani), Jay Leno’s surprisingly stellar kissing, a catty exchange with Princess Di (”I was on [Mr. Blackwell’s] best-dressed list, and you were on the worst,” sniped the princess), the lush praises of director and fellow Queensian Francis Ford Coppola. For much of the book, however, we get just a little bit more than we need to know. Descriptions of her Pomeranian’s droppings? Intimate details of her breast biopsy? Oy. B-

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