Degen Pener
February 23, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Fashion addicts out for dinner and a movie can get a package deal from the leggy backers of the Fashion Café. As if their plates weren’t full enough, this spring, three of the four model partners are trying their luck on the big screen.

First at the table is Christy Turlington’s souped-up Catwalk. Although a short documentary, Backstage With Christy Turlington, was broadcast on Lifetime last spring, this new film about life on the runway, to be distributed by Arrow Releasing in February, uses other footage. ”The difference is night and day,” says executive producer Daniel Wolf. ”One was 46 minutes. This is 95 minutes. It’s the behind-the-scenes of Milan, Paris, and New York.”

In March, Naomi Campbell delivers a sizzling appetizer playing a phone-sex operator in Spike Lee’s Girl 6. ”My accountant [thought] someone got my phone number because there were all these sex lines on the bill,” says Campbell, who swears she was just doing research.

Full yet? Elle Macpherson serves up the main course. Also in March, she’s the object of a voyeur’s affections in the comedy If Lucy Fell. ”When I first read the script, I was skeptical of the role,” says Macpherson, who made her screen debut in 1994’s Sirens. ”She was just a stereotypical beauty. [So] we tried to make her a little bit more cerebral and play down the beauty with the way she dressed. She wears a man’s suit. She wears glasses. She wears some of the same clothes in many scenes.” With a second film, Franco Zeffirelli’s Jane Eyre, out in April, and a tiny part in Barbra Streisand’s upcoming The Mirror Has Two Faces, Macpherson is shrewdly building up her resume bit by bit part. ”My advisers would probably tell me I shouldn’t say it,” she confesses, ”but I don’t see myself at this point holding [down] a film.” A model answer: Leave ’em wanting more.

With additional reporting by Gregg Kilday

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