Dan Snierson
March 15, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Although Jay Leno isn’t watching HBO’s The Late Shift (”I give you my word that I have not seen it!” he swears), the host of The Tonight Show does take time out to appreciate the competition.

”I have a bizarre fascination with Dragnet and watch it for hours. I love how when a hippie is brought in for doing drugs, Jack Webb will say, ”Drugs-are-bad-they’ll -kill-you-they’ll-ruin-your-mind-and-you’ll-wind-up-in-the-gutter,” and then the kid will go, ”You’re right,” and all is fine…. I like any idiots-arguing show, like Crossfire…. The only sitcoms I watch are Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show. I like English comedies like Ab Fab and Fawlty Towers because they’re not afraid to make a despicable character the star of the show…. I enjoy David Letterman. I try to watch him two nights out of five, and to catch the first 20 minutes of Conan. Clever writer — I think he’s got it down now. I also find Tom Snyder a fascinating personality. My favorite was when he had Meat Loaf on: ”Please welcome Mr. Meatball. Meatball, let me ask you…”

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