Erica K. Cardozo
March 22, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

Mountain, Get Out of My Way: Life Lessons and Learned Truths

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Daniel Paisner, Montel Williams
Warner Books
Nonfiction, Memoir

We gave it a B

Montel Williams demands total candor from talk-show guests, so it’s odd to find him keeping emotions under his hat in Mountain, Get Out of My Way: Life Lessons and Learned Truths. He does state up front that this book is ”not about me.. It’s about the mountains I have moved out of my way and the ones that may be standing in yours.” Still, whenever his struggles get personal — his disciplinarian father, his ”disaster” of a first marriage — the text turns evasive. The book has its moments, however, such as the story of what happened at age 8 when he wrote raped instead of wrapped on a school paper. (”That’s the reason why you people will never be nothin’ in life. You only have one thing on your mind,” his teacher told him.) Williams’ admission that his show isn’t always what he’d like it to be is refreshing. And chapters based on the motivational speeches he used to give — which earned him his TV gig — are exceptional. If only Williams the showman had revealed a bit more of the man to go along with the show.

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