Don Graham
April 12, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Dance for the Dead

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Thomas Perry
Random House
Mystery and Thriller, Fiction

We gave it an A-

Jane Whitefield may be the most arresting protagonist in the ’90s thriller arena. She’s a ”guide” who specializes in hiding victims — both the innocent and the guilty: ”I show people how to go from places where someone is trying to kill them to other places where nobody is.” In this — the second Whitefield novel — she has two clients whose cases at first seem unrelated: an orphaned 8-year-old child, who’s also the heir to a fortune; and a financial wizard, a woman who mastered the ’80s art of savings-and-loan rip-offs to the tune of $50 million. Thrillers need good villains, and this one has a formidable SOB who is cold-blooded enough to satisfy anybody’s taste. Thomas Perry’s Dance for the Dead is a terrific yarn about evil and redemption, and a spellbinding fable about the bloody history of green in America.

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