Ari Karpel
April 12, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Name: Irma P. Hall.
Age: 61.
Breakout role: James Earl Jones and Robert Duvall’s eightysomething Aunt T., a blind woman who misses nothing, in A Family Thing.
Where she’s been: ”I didn’t know I wanted to [act], but God knew, and he didn’t tell me until late,” she says. ”I taught high school for 27 years,” working in one-room schools in rural Texas before integration. Since 1984, she has performed in regional theater and appeared in five feature films, including Backdraft and Mo’ Money.
Aspirations: ”Mo’ money. I’ve got four grandchildren, and I wanna make sure they have money to go to school.”
Career advice: Says Family casting director Vickie Thomas: ”She has to show the world what she really looks like. She’s a spark plug.”

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