EW Staff
April 19, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Your cover story on Nathan Lane, Robin Williams, and The Birdcage was brilliant! I just wish critics would understand that this is the movies! At no time does the film say ”based on a true story.” Besides, no one was trying to convince anyone that this is how the gay community is. It was just a fun film.
Angela Dean
Fort Pierce, Fla.

Re Bruce Bawer’s comments concerning The Birdcage and Hollywood’s inability to ”get gay life”: In this day and age, Hollywood deserves more praise than condemnation for treating homosexuality with sensitivity, humanity, and — yes, Mr. Bawer — humor. We must appreciate attempts made to portray the gay lifestyle in a positive light rather than nitpick and gnash our teeth at any potential slight. Save the anger for bashing, AIDS, and ignorance.
Rick Aiken
Flushing, N.Y.

What is it about Don Johnson that brings out the worst in interviewers? I’ve been a fan of Johnson’s since A Boy and His Dog, long before Miami Vice. And I follow the actor because I think he is talented, not because of his private life. I don’t see anyone being snide to Kelsey Grammer or Tim Allen about their past histories.
Kimberley R. Davis

Mmmmatt Lauer! What a yummy complement to my morning coffee. Ever since Bryant Gumbel announced he’d be leaving, I’ve been hoping someone would come out and say Lauer is the logical replacement. He’s funny, smart, and he and Katie Couric work great together. I say, See ya, Bryant! I want my MattTV!
Margaret Hernandez
Tinker AFB, Okla.

In ”Desk Set,” there was one oversight in your list of TV secretaries in eye-popping getups: Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. She should top the list as the queen of kitschy fashion divas.
Morgen Hugh Pittman
Centerville, Ohio

Please stop giving so much attention to business deals, Planet Hollywood, and how much Schwarzenegger and Stallone make and pay attention to the real artists. In issue #320, you dedicated more space to the firing of Sandra Bullock’s manager than to the deaths of Rene Clement and Krzysztof Kieslowski.
Andre Medeiros
New York City

To dub the Beatles Losers of the Week is insane. That Anthology 2 gave them their second No. 1 album in four months (with nearly 500,000 copies sold the first week) is reason enough to call them winners. Those ”losers” rule as always!
Dave Meyer
Schererville, Ind.

CORRECTION: Oops, pardon us! We misidentified Beef-a-reeno, the product that caused the horse’s flatulence on Seinfeld.

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