J.R. Taylor
April 26, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

A guy, a gal, and a briefcase full of money are always enough to fuel a direct-to-video release, but these movies bravely attempt to spice up a familiar formula. Beyond Desire finds video staple Forsythe doing an Elvis impersonation as an ex-con looking to avenge the murder for which he was framed. The novelty lessens once the character acknowledges his resemblance to Elvis, but it’s still a chance to see how the King’s movie career might have gone in the worst possible world. Criminal Hearts has a good girl (Locane) taking a wild walk with a robber (Dillon) who steals only Mob money and finds himself framed for murder. But none of this is so important that the movie can’t stop for an odd postcoital chat about Dillon’s character being ”bi-literate” because of his fondness for Nancy Drew and Judy Blume. Desire: B Hearts: C

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