Jessica Shaw
May 10, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Welcome to Hollywood’s newest backlot — the New York area. This spring, the Big Apple — and its New Jersey neighbor — has been teeming with film crews.

1. In Little Italy Al Pacino ”is a god,” says Donnie Brasco coproducer Mark Johnson. And Johnny Depp’s not half bad either.

2. Playing one of New York’s finest opposite Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own, Harrison Ford wore his badge with honor. ”Harrison was very serious about his role,” says producer Lawrence Gordon.

3. Meanwhile, the crew of The Preacher’s Wife, filming on both sides of the Hudson, could’ve set their clocks by Whitney Houston, who hit the high notes only after high noon. ”We don’t shoot until then so her vocal cords can open up,” says producer Elliot Abbott. ”Singers are not great in the morning.”

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