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Entertainment news for May 24, 1996

Mail Man: James Dean goes postal June 24, but his 32-center arrives in mailboxes without the fat-vs.-thin stickiness that surrounded the issuing of the Elvis Presley postage stamp in 1993. ”There was none of that,” says U.S. Postal Service spokesman Barry Ziehl. ”Dean died at an early age, and he looked the same throughout his career.” Dean’s dreamy philatelic rendering was done by illustrator Michael Deas — who drew the Marilyn Monroe mailer — and is based on a 1954 Roy Schatt photo. And speaking of Marilyn, if you want her stamp, flag down your mailman posthaste. The post office plans to stop selling the sex-goddess sticker once Dean’s is issued.

Next Dance: Attention rock bands in search of MTV glory: Here’s a way to find yourself in heavy rotation. Eager to join Hollywood’s growing list of double threats, Sharon Stone is looking to direct a music video. ”I am definitely going to make a few later this year,” Stone said during the Last Dance press gathering, ”and if all goes well, I might take a look at directing something bigger.” As always, Stone’s timing is impeccable: Her last two star offerings, Last Dance and Diabolique, have made a total of $21.2 million at the box office.

Dream On: Hollywood must be the most sleep-deprived community in America. Martin Lawrence was recently detained by the L.A. Police Department after shouting at passing cars in a busy Van Nuys intersection and carrying a concealed weapon. Lawrence’s spokeswoman explained that the star was suffering from extreme ”exhaustion.” Last month, Johnny Depp was whisked off the Florida set of Donnie Brasco and sent to a hospital. Depp’s publicist said he was fine, but that Depp was ”exhausted.” And, of course, last December, the collapse of Michael Jackson at New York’s Beacon Theatre, while rehearsing for his ill-fated HBO special, was chalked up to, well, you get the idea. Is there an Rx? One word: Nap.