Ken Tucker
May 24, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It would be a mistake to dismiss Shattered Mind as just an example of a TV star trying to prove she’s more than a sex symbol by tackling some heavy subject matter. In portraying a suburban housewife bedeviled by multiple personalities, Heather Locklear is clearly looking to place a little distance between herself and Amanda, the miniskirted minx of Melrose Place. But as the prim Suzy Mitchell, Locklear is, if at times uneven, always admirable.

”Sometimes I feel like different people,” says Suzy, not realizing that she’s been splitting into at least four different behavioral types for quite some time. Suzy’s personality disorder kicks in shortly after the death of her abusive father, when memories of molestation lead her to become, among others, ”Ginger,” a flesh-loathing prostitute, and ”Bonnie,” a frightened child. (When Suzy’s two children start getting used to multiple Mom, they begin asking for Bonnie, ”the one who likes to play.”)

Locklear is best when conveying Suzy’s pain and fear. And although the script doesn’t offer anything we haven’t already seen in Sybil, director Stephen Gyllenhaal (Paris Trout) tells the story in a jumpy, elliptical style that makes us feel Suzy’s agonized disorientation. B+

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