Mitch Vinicor
June 14, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

A boy, his dog, and a plate of brussels sprouts. That’s the basic recipe for this witty whodunit aimed at kids 8 and up. Someone has dognapped Elroy’s lethargic hound, Blue, and your job is to point and click Elroy’s way to the purloined pooch through 10 stages — including a hilarious mock website. The cast of geometrically rendered characters, including Blues Brothers-style baddies known as the Korporation, may not be very animated, but they present a dazzling vision in primary colors, juxtaposed with gray cityscape photos. What Elroy Hits the Pavement lacks in physical movement it makes up for in smarty-pants repartee cleverly attuned to the younger set and beyond. B

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