Cool quotes from celebs |


Cool quotes from celebs

David Spade, Geena Davis, Jay Thomas and more tell us what's cool and uncool

Janeane Garofalo Cool ”A sleeveless, breathable cotton shirt.” Uncool ”A woolen blanket, at least in summer.” Lela Rochon CoolDead Man Walking.” Uncool ”I hated Twister. I just didn’t get the concept of people chasing a tornado around.” Jay Thomas Cool ”Dennis Rodman. As soon as he heard he was heading to Seattle for the playoffs, he switched to a waterproof mascara. I think that’s really cool. A transvestite sports hero — only in America.” Uncool ”Body piercing. With all those holes in their heads, something must be leaking out. And how do you eat with an earring through your tongue?” Geena Davis Cool ”Belly dancing. We just went on a trip to Greece and saw a lot of it. In one of the most fabulous nightclubs, everyone was getting up to try it.” Uncool ”I stay away from the uncool.” Billy Crystal Cool ”That movie I just saw about the, oh, what is the name of it?” Uncool ”What’s not cool is getting older and not being able to remember what is cool.” Mary Tyler Moore Cool ”Ellen DeGeneres. I also love Meg Ryan. If they ever made a movie of The Mary Tyler Moore Show I want Meg to play me.” Uncool ”People who say I was naked in Flirting With Disaster. I wasn’t naked. Really!” Lauren Holly Cool ”Foreplay.” Uncool ”Decaf.” David Spade Cool ”Teri Hatcher of Lois & Clark.” Uncool ”Me.”