Cool quotes from celebs |


Cool quotes from celebs

Rita Wilson, Leslie Nielsen, Charlie Sheen, and more tell us what's cool and uncool

Rita Wilson Cool ”Those iced, frothy blended cappuccino drinks. The movies Flipper — which reminded me of my childhood — Mission: Impossible, Twister, Fargo.” Uncool ”People who say no to charity events.” Charlie Sheen Cool ”I’m spending the summer in front of the tube with my buddies. You get in less trouble that way. Al Pacino is always cool. When acting mystified me, I used to watch Al in Dog Day Afternoon.” Uncool ”People still picking on Kato. I’d like to take a full page ad out in the Los Angeles Times with the headline ‘What Did Kato Do?’ He’s really an intelligent, witty, charming guy.” Alicia Silverstone Cool ”When people are kind, honest, open, and willing to have fun.” Uncool ”People who use animals for experiments.” Michael Keaton Cool ”Jackie Chan, my new idol, the hottest actor going.” Uncool ”People who judge others as ‘uncool.’ Uncool people to me are the coolest.” Courtney Thorne-Smith Cool ”Watching Knight Rider reruns. David Hasselhoff is pretty cool and the car isn’t bad either.” Uncool Sense and Sensibility. I like action movies.” Leslie Nielsen Cool ”A dry, good bourbon or a Manhattan. That’s always been cool.” Uncool ”The ‘experts.’ I’m tired of people pointing fingers at me and telling me how to live my life.”