Nancy Mills and Cindy Pearlman
June 28, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Place Cards: Talk about out of Place. The California-based manufacturer Sports Time Inc. will issue Melrose Place trading cards come August, even though conventional wisdom says the Fox series has peaked. The $1.39 packs (sans gum, mind you) feature pretty pictures of the cast as well as such scintillating nuggets as ”Doug Savant was a pizza delivery guy before he got hired for Melrose.” But forget about collecting ’em all — Heather Locklear is not to be seen. According to a spokeswoman for the show, Locklear has chosen not to take part in licensing agreements like this one. Amanda, you see, was always ahead of the pack.

No Pain, No Gain: Playing both thick and thin in The Nutty Professor has prompted Eddie Murphy to talk candidly about his own weight. ”I was a chunk,” he says, referring to his pre-Nutty physique. ”If you see Another 48 HRS. [1990], you’ll be going ‘Man, he let himself go.’ I was in a career lull and I was eating, eating, eating.” Murphy slimmed down with daily workouts and then celebrated his new tip-top shape — as well as his 20th anniversary in comedy — by getting a bicep tattoo (the word family etched in a stone rising out of water). ”It’s my family stone,” he says slyly. And, most likely, his only tattoo. ”Don’t let anybody tell you getting a tattoo isn’t excruciating,” he says, ”because they’re lying.”

Oh, Promise Thee: In sickness and in health, sure, but whose vows say anything about topless bars and G-strings? Apparently those taken by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, his wife of eight years, do. Asked if he had any qualms about strangers ogling Moore’s bodacious bod when Striptease opens June 28, the action hero replied: ”It’s part of the job. If you say, ‘Yes, I’m going to do this script,’ and it says strip, then you do that.” Besides, notes Moore, Willis will now ”reap the benefits” of her extensive research into the physics of bumping and grinding. Which may be why Willis happily declares: ”Stripping is another form of entertainment. It’s all good clean fun.”

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