Sound Bites: The week's best TV quotes |


Sound Bites: The week's best TV quotes

TV's funniest lines from June 22 to 28

”Madonna and I are close friends. But we’re very different. She sleeps with her trainer; I ignore mine.” — Rosie O’Donnell on The Rosie O’Donnell Show

”I have this book on how to keep good friendships from going bad. Oh. Wait. That bitch Marcy never returned it.” — Kate (Jessica Tuck) on The Last Frontier

”On the bright side for Bob Dole, unlike most people who leave the Senate early, he’s not going to jail.” — David Letterman on Late Show

”I’m the fat lady and I ain’t singin’. Go Sonics!” — a sign held by an amply sized woman attending Game 4 of the NBA Finals on NBC