Dona Brown
July 12, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Poor Alexandra. When the husband she loves dearly drops dead, she must forgo her starring role on the London stage and come home to arrange for the funeral and her new life alone. Barely have her tears begun when she realizes, numbly, that her neighbors have been a little too helpful in smoothing out and explaining the mysterious details surrounding Ned’s heart attack. As she slowly learns the truth of her picture-perfect marriage, grief turns to paranoia, then fury. Is she losing her sanity or just all her friends? Ultimately, she cracks the creepy conspiracy and confirms her husband’s adulterous other life and her own worst fears. Told with a bristly British wit, Fay Weldon’s 21st novel is a studied tour de force on the unsanctity of marriage and the treacherous nature of womanhood. The vibrant plot saves the characters, who are a bit too glib in their banter and bitchery. The best part of Worst Fears is its vengeful end. B-

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